February 21, 2018

Baltimore, MD

RESPECT 2018 is the third international conference of the IEEE Special Technical Community on Broadening Participation.  Equity and inclusion are critical for engaging all people in learning key concepts in computing, which is quickly becoming a required competency for the 21st century. We invite you to submit your work on broadening participation in computing for all students, especially for students from underrepresented groups, to RESPECT 2018.

Since broadening participation research is inherently interdisciplinary, we invite contributions from computer science education, education, learning sciences, cognitive or social psychology, social sciences, and related disciplines. All papers should explicitly state their motivating questions, relate to relevant literature, and contain an analysis of effectiveness. Research papers should adhere to rigorous standards, describing hypotheses, methods, and results. Experience reports should carefully describe the context and provide a rich reflection on what worked, what didn’t, and why.

RESPECT will be co-located with the 49th Annual ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) on February 21, 2018. As in previous editions of the conference, the RESPECT 2018 proceedings will be submitted for inclusion to IEEE Xplore.